Time Travel

Just when I was thinking I had a grasp on life,
I took a little journey of indecisive strife.
Traveling back in time to 1966,
We gathered for a reason or was it just for kicks?
Every individual seemed strong and self assured,
We couldnít even remember who had been the nerd.
Did we really know each other, and what to expect,
Or were we all just hoping our lives we hadnít wrecked?
Who would be the judge without our teacher there?
Or would we just pretend we didnít even care?
As society judges all and puts us in our niche,
We came together for Red Line, the magic of a wish!
All of us were even, young at heart again,
No one even cared who was going to WIN.
Those square dancing fools, with memories growing thin,
All had too much fun, and we all danced again!
As we gathered for a cook-out, the true gourmet treat,
Moonshine lit the moment and helped to light the feast.
Music drifted by as we old folks rambled on,
If it werenít for the curfew, we would have seen the dawn!
Did it dawn on all of you that this canít happen again?
Do you really know that you canít be where youíve been?
Time waits for no one as the years fly by so fast.
We tried to grasp the moment hoping it would last!
Did anyone leave the movie without a tearful eye?
Did someone shed a tear as we all said goodbye?

What did that town do to us, why did it work so well?
Why was it able to cast that lingering spell?
Who could deny that those kids turned out so well?
Each and every one of us had a good story to tell.
Wrinkles, limps and bald spots with gray in our hairÖ
All had a great time and all showed they cared.
Did all those grown-up children find childhood again?
Three years and counting Ďtill we try it all again,

I close this dissertation with a tear in my eye,
A tear of joy Iíll wager, Ďcause grown-ups do not cry!
What a wonderful reunion of the far distant pastÖ
A memory for forever, I sure that it will last!

Earl Sheppard 8/7/09