Isaiah & Joseph Sprague came to live with us in November of 2008. We welcomed them with open arms and never could understand how anyone could have beaten Isaiah so brutally and still live with themselves. Isaiah's dad still denies that he was abused by his ex-wife Gena or himself but we all know better. Unfortunately the Loveland police dept was so spineless that they couldn't / wouldn't get enough evidence to prosecute and my guess would be that it's much more important to them to bust the "potheads" than trying to protect two innocent little kids. At least Social Services stuck to their guns and knew the abuse happened and have been doing every thing they can to protect these little guys. Thomas, of course, is the father and can't get it together enough to protect his kids so he only has supervised visitation and thank God the judge struck down the request for Gena to spend any time with them. She has absolutely no redeeming qualities! We have had several court appearances & Dr.s appointments that it has really taken it's toll on us "old folks". We took Isaiah to Children's hospital for some tests and still can't find the syndrome responsible for his slow growth and microcephaly. They put him on a tube feed in late June and he has just really blossomed and seems to be much happier. He started in June at 18 lbs. and is now pushing 24 lbs. He wasn't gaining any weight while living with his dad and Gena. Thomas' brother Robert and his wife Jennifer were a godsend and really want to raise the boys They have a very nice family with 5 kids that seem to be very well rounded. We turned the children over to them in July and it has really been tough for us but everything we've done has been for the best interest of the boys and they seem to be happy there. Eva is getting her superised visitation and is doing well. The kids actually know who she is. We see them often. Joseph is doing very well & seems to fit in quite well in his new family. Isaiah is having a tough time trusting anyone but with time he'll be OK.

There will be one more court date to gain permanency for the boys on the 29th of September. It seems to be 99% certain that the boys will not go back to thier dad but we won't drop our guard.

We'll update here as often as things happen.

Lee & Mary

We went to court on the 29th of September, 2009.

The court lasted 6 hours and the judge decided to grant all our wishes. When it was over and done with, custody went to Robert and Jennifer Sprague. Robert is Thomas' brother. They have a very nice close knit family and 5 other children. They are a very loving family that are totally family oriented and do tons of stuff with the kids. They are able to meet all the medical needs of Isaiah and both the boys seem to be fitting in very good. Isaiah is in preschool now for the morning and Joseph enjoys the one on one time during the day since the other kids are all in school. They now have 7 kids. Who does that remind you of? They all have thier chores and they all play some type of sports. Soccer and volleyball really excite the boys and they can't wait to play. Robert said he will teach them both to ski this winter. They go to church every Sunday and go on drives and other fun things after church.

Eva still has her visits every other weekend and so we get to monitor them and be with the boys. Thomas is allowed supervised visits also and Gina (the horrible woman who beat Isaiah) is not allowed anywhere near the kids. Thank God!

That's about it. If anything changes we'll keep everyone updated here.

Lee & Mary
Ike and Joey 2009

Update, December 5th, 2011:
The boys are still living with Robert and Jennifer Srague and since they've been there, they have done very well. They are both in preschool and will go to Kindergarten next year. Both kids are in soccer every year and this year started wrestling. They love it and are really good at it. They still stay with us every other weekend and Eva has been very good on her visitations and the kids are always glad to see her and Bill. We are very happy with the way things are going and surely do enjoy the time we have with them.