AUGUST 30, 2002


We drove to Ben & Wanda's in Dallas & spent tne night and left early the next morning. This is between Dallas & New orleans.

This is one of the cool bridges! The ground is so wet with the swamps & such that the bridges are the main part of the highway.

The swamps are pretty cool!

Cruising into the "BIG EASY"

We aquired tickets for the Pre-season game between the New Orleans Saints and the Baltimore Colts at THE SUPER DOME!

What a Pair! Huh!!


We grabbed some Bar-B-Que before heading into the stadium. Amazing how you can walk around with alcoholic beverages and no body minds!

These are the "Saint-sations" trying to sell thier Calendars and doing quite well at it. I wonder why?

We have a little time before going in.

Waiting, Just waiting!

Inside the Super Dome. This blimp carries t-shirts, bumper stidkers, etc. and is remote controlled and drops "cool stuff" on top of the audience.

We had excellent seats at the 35 yard line and about 5 rows up!

It was a really good game by two pretty evenly matched teams

We were close enough to hear the coaches chew out the players that screwed up.!

Just showing the score.The Saints finally prevailed in the end!

The view off our hotel room balcony! Spectacular!

A different view from the balcony.

Down at the river walk watching the cruise ship load up.

The river walk is a shopping center right on the river that has about anything you might want or need. Lots of good Cajun food and cold beverages.

These were some pretty cool statues inside the novelty store. Couldn't resist a picture.

We went on a paddle wheel boat dinner cruise. They had a cajun feast set up with a jazz band. We went up the river for a couple hours.

The dinner was excellent!

On the banks of the river!


We walked through the Casino on the way back to the Hotel and dropped a few coins in the machines. Mary couldn't miss and won quite a bit and Lee sat at the blackjack table and won some. It was enough to pay for our dinner cruise! We drove on the next day to Ben & Wanda's and had a nice Bar-B-Que in the afternoon and then on home the next day. What a fine anniversary trip!